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Lucas Education Research is committed to the development and evaluation of rigorous project-based learning programs. We designed our web platform, Sprocket, to disseminate research-based PBL courses while building a professional-learning community for teachers to share resources and adapt courses to meet their needs. Members of this research community are active participants in shaping the programs.

To learn more about the research projects at Lucas Education Research, please visit www.lucasedresearch.org.

About Sprocket

Sprocket is an online portal for teachers to access full year project-based learning courses. It also includes an online community where teachers are able to share ways to implement, and adapt the courses. Using Sprocket, teachers can collectively build innovative project-based practices that can be replicated, adapted, and used in classrooms across the country. Currently, access to Sprocket is by invitation only, and includes teachers and districts who partner with LER. For more information, please contact LER.

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Currently, there are four project-based learning courses available for teachers to access. Please click on the course you're interested in below to sign up for a teacher account.

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Teacher Supports

Sprocket contains several features to help teachers successfully implement their project-based courses. Teachers can use the portal to plan their instruction and learn from other members of the research community.

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